Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18

Psalm 62:2
2 He alone is my rock and my salvation,
   my fortress; I shall never be shaken.

Thank God for His love that is so powerful and potent that it protects forever and keeps us from having our faith shaken loose.  Today I want to celebrate another important person from my life that has also been a rock for me, my Grannie, Katherine Fowler, whose birthday is today. 

I was born at a critical time for my grandmother; my uncle Bill had been killed the year before in Vietnam and I was born about a year later so we have always been very close. Grannie has been there for me as a wonderful grandparent and playmate when I was a child and as a counselor and listener during my teenage years and my parents’ divorce and as a special friend in my adulthood.

My Grannie has always been a wonderful Christian example to me. She took me to church when I visited her during weekend visits and Vacation Bible School during the summers.  Even now, if I get the chance to visit on a Sunday, I go to Sunday School and church with her.  And although I don’t always agree with the preaching, I honor her by going to church and worshipping the same God that I worship at home at St. Thomas. 

Grannie has been my rock through trying times in my life—my parents’ divorce, boyfriend troubles, job troubles, and deaths in the family—and she has always listened patiently to my tales of woe and dried my tears.  Grannie has also been my salvation by showing me how to live a joyous and resilient life.  She used to offer to buy me something when I went to the grocery store with her; and I am sure she was thinking a candy bar or pack of gum, but I usually cajoled her into a magazine or paperback book.  Grannie made me a navy blazer and plaid skirt for my senior homecoming and true to her just in time nature finished it the night before homecoming so my grandfather had to drive it to Tuscaloosa from Rome, Georgia, the night before.  Last Christmas season, I was able to do something special for her by treating her and my aunt to a trip to the Opryland Hotel in December to see the hotel decked out in Christmas lights and finery.  It was an exuberant time for both of us and she is still talking about all we did and the fun we had.

Grannie loves to take me shopping and to feed me and to talk with me. I am very blessed to have had her in my life for 45 years.  With her and God by my side, I hope I will never be shaken.

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